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3 - From Bad to Worse
Pyew pyew pyew, pyew pyew! The lasers blasted out of the cannons through empty space, colliding with a large white ship and disintegrating it on the spot. On the couch, Wally let out a whoop of triumph and grinned smugly at the boy sitting beside him. “That’s another 10,000 points for me!”
In response, Hoagie stuck his tongue between his teeth and began mashing buttons faster, his attention entirely on the game. His own ship, a large starship with a docking bay, swerved across the screen and fired away, sending blue bolts into space. He preferred it greatly to Wally’s battleship, a tiny thing that emitted green lasers.
“You’re gonna lose, mate,” Wally taunted, flipping the hair out of his eyes. He was certain that he was going to win, racking up the points and weaving through space until he only needed 1,000 more points to-
Suddenly, the screen went black.
“Aww, what?!” Wally cried out in disbelief, so shocked by the loss of power tha
:iconnocturnerising:NocturneRising 4 3
The Calm Before... Pg 12 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 64 13 The Calm Before... Pg 11 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 86 23 The Calm Before... Pg 10 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 62 18 The Calm Before... Pg 9 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 67 70 The Calm Before... Pg 8 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 62 32 The Calm Before... Pg 7 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 77 46 The Calm Before... Pg 6 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 83 18 The Calm Before... Pg 5 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 80 22 The Calm Before... Pg 4 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 97 20 The Calm Before... Pg 3 :iconwhatsthesitch:whatsthesitch 78 12 hope you wont forget me 2 :iconjust-agu:just-agu 47 21 Chopstick FAIL :icongenincat:Genincat 22 11
Luck On A Rainy Day
"Wally, you promised!"
"No ah didn't, Kuki, ah never said ah would," Numbuh 4 mumbled.
It was a dreary day for the Kids Next Door. During the summer, the one means of entertainment every kid knew was to go play outside. Play catch, ride your bike, go swimming in the town pool; the list was endless. There was just one problem…
Today, it was raining.
Not your regular summer sprinkle of rain. A full blown storm, complete with dark clouds, thunder, lightning, the works. According to the KND Nightly News from the night before, it was a worldwide thunderstorm, which didn't happen very often.  Even more unusual, the same storm had been going on all week, again all over the world. Supreme Leader Numbuh 362 had been worried about this, considering the fact an outside source other than Mother Nature was causing it, and issued a request for sectors to investigate. Every sector agreed to help, willing to do anything than just sit in their tree houses bored to death. But Numbuh 362 o
:icongenincat:Genincat 35 24
'Go Find Your Own Closet' :iconorionstorm:OrionStorm 411 92


I love it this is so good. I like how you took the song and put them together. But, yeah it isnt finished and half of it looks like you...




there is a gifted person I know
who spent time on beutiful art
she loved this one great manga
she lovd more than anyhting
she spent hard time focusing on them
she made wonderful art
no one ever told her that tho
thet only told her that she was funny
anybody can be funny
in the end
the manga/show ended badly
peoples demand was risen
people began to steal and change her art
this made her sad
she gave us many warnings
we never listened
she looked and judged us "guilty"
we cryed and plead but she wont change her mind
we got off easy
what is to come is to come no changing that art
so as I type this i say one thing for everyone inocent or not
im sorry


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